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I bought Raccoon Solution 6 months ago and it works wonders. My husband and I live in downtown Toronto, and we have nowhere to put our green bin except on our front porch. Raccoons used to visit our trash almost everyday and leave a mess for us to clean up. We both hated the job of picking up the ransacked garbage and putting it back in the bin. I really want to thank you for finally saving us from this awful job. I will definitely recommend Raccoon Solution to all my friends and family.
Judy W., Leslieville, Toronto
My sister told me to check out Raccoon Solution and I’m so glad that I did because I don’t have to worry about raccoons getting into my trash anymore. I’m so happy that I don’t have to store my green bin inside the garage, especially during the summer months. The food inside the green bin caused my garage smelling like dead fish. Great product!
Anne B., Markham, ON
I don’t usually write reviews but I really want to recommend this product to all the people who are having raccoon problems. I dealt with those annoying creatures for almost 5 years now. I have tried everything, from using sensor water hose – to spraying the bin with chemicals but nothing worked until my neighbour recommended Raccoon Solution to me. Now I’m living a raccoon free life. Thanks
Tom S., Bloor west village, Toronto
I used to use bungee cord to lock the green bin, but that only lasted few months until raccoons figured out a way to get into the garbage again. I was frustrated and hated picking up the mess. I’m so thankful you have created a product that keeps the raccoons out of the Green Bin for good!
Lisa L., Toronto, On
At first I was sceptical about Raccoon Solution since I never buy product online before. However I was at the end of my sanity dealing with the raccoons. I don’t need to go into details – I’m sure whoever is reading this knows exactly what I mean. It was my husband who convinced me to give it a try and I’m glad I listen to him ‘this time’.
Raccoon Solution works and I’m happy to be your customer.
Linda W., Little Italy, On
Valentine Gift – I bought my wife Raccoon Solution for Valentine Gift as a funny joke, it turned out that she loved it. For 10 years of our marriage this was the cheapest and the most practical gift I ever bought her. Thank you.
Practical Husband James
Practical Husband James, Toronto, On
My wife and I spent $600 on building a shed in our backyard. Purpose was to keep all the bins inside the shed so raccoons cannot get into it. It was a waste of money because on the day of garbage pickup we put the green bin out on to the sidewalk…the raccoons trashed the bin again. I turned to Google for help and I landed on your webpage. The rest was history. Thank you.
Liam C., Rosedale, Toronto

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