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Other Garbage Bins

Raccoon Solutions (Blue and Black Bin strap) also works on other generic garbage bins such as BRUTE, Rubbermaid Roughneck, Rhino-Tuff and Gracious Living that you can find at major retailers. As long as the hook (shown below) can be latched on to your garbage bin and the distance between two opposite sides of your garbage bin is less than 32 inches, our Blue/Black strap will work for you. Here are some examples:

RubbermaidRoughneck-Raccoon Proof Garbage Bins RubbermaidRoughneck-1-Raccoon Proof Garbage Bins RhinoTuff--Raccoon Proof Garbage Bins

graciousliving--Raccoon Proof Garbage Bins BRUTE--Raccoon Proof Garbage Bins FlatHook- Raccoon Solutions

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